Live Animals (Pets)

Animal has been transported by air since 1930’s. In today modern world, carriage of live animals by air is considered most humane and expedient method of transportation over long distance.

If live animals need to be transported over long distances, airfreight is the best solution with regard to the animals’ well-being. Thanks to our knowledge of all the specific rules and regulations we can guarantee a safe and secure transportation.

Besides pets, the most common animals to be transported are horses and birds, but also animals for zoos or agricultural purposes.

Blood Stock

The management of the Blood Stock supply chain, ensuring that medical samples are collected quickly and efficiently within time restraints and at the correct temperature.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable local teams are GDP compliant, and will access the most efficient and cost effective method of shipment and storage whilst providing excellent data communications at all times.

The time & temperature critical services we offer include:

  • temperature controlled shipping in controlled vehicles and aircraft containers
  • phase change material qualified systems
  • supply of temperature indicators, recorders and loggers
  • temperature data monitoring
  • validated packaging
  • supply of dry ice, gel packs
  • re-labelling as required

We provide regulatory assistance for imports and exports, advise on documentation required for international transportation of time and temperature sensitive material, dangerous goods declarations, pre-payment of duties on behalf of consignee and customs clearance

Live Fish for Aquarium

Transportation of live fish is a vast field of working in the felid of freight forwarding.

From fish form to buyers and other countries we AGL provide you utmost bunch of services. Our Expert team advise and work to make all possibilities to deliver the Live fish to aquarium.

Live birds

Birds are amazingly difficult to import and export around the world. Bird transportation is highly regulated to help protect endangered species.

Other than the most common pet birds like parakeets, all other species of birds, even those bred in captivity, will require a number of permits. At AGL we committed to provide best serves all the area of working.